Product Assessment

In a simplified manner, product development takes place in three phases:

  1. Generation of ideas
  2. Feasibility assessment
  3. Commercialization (and/or product change)

For each phase a simple matrix of information should be established. Each item of information should be assessed, and its effect on the overall risk - and its manageability - of the product identified. Confirmation that the product is acceptable should be made before moving forward to manufacturing, marketing and sales. Reference is made to the example checklist below.

To do

Product specification



Phase 1: Generation of ideas


New ingredients or components

Potential regions

Broad nature of potential use

Any new chemistry of raw materials, additives, coatings, and in the processing of the materials


Inherent SHE issues in manufacturing process

Marketing issues

Product SHE concerns

Phase 2: Feasibility assessment



Countries for which approvals are required

Prime and other possible applications


Technical and physical properties

Any new data required due to:
- new substances (inventory check)
- composition changes (from classification changes/SDS)
- new ingredients

Core Safety Data Sheet

REACH compliance

Containment/packaging options

Process SHE issues

Understanding of national inventory/classification/application regulations for ingredients/product

Transport and storage regulations

Regulatory approvals for releasing product on the market

Ability to provide SDS in relevant languages

Any new data required for national inventory check

Understanding of customer issues in use and potential for misuse and abuse

Risk assessment in use

Understanding of waste concerns and waste minimization

Handling and use information

Phase 3: Commercialization (and/or product change)


Product name and specification

Countries for sale and those for which approvals needed

Intended applications and any exclusions

Complete and integrate into business

All actions in Phase 2 (reviewing assumptions)

Establish Safety Data Sheet

Establish Product Dossier and submit for regulatory approval

Carry out a Business Impact Assessment