The Product Stewardship Program

Fertilizers Europe has established a Product Stewardship Program for fertilizer companies. The program specifies best practice operations for management of safety, health, environment and security in sourcing of fertilizer materials, fertilizer production and storage, and in the supply chain to the farmer. It covers mineral fertilizers, their raw materials and intermediate products. Fertilizers Europe is also issuing advice on the correct use of fertilizers, called Nutrient Stewardship.

The Program provides a structure for establishing a product stewardship program in a company with reference to best practice guidelines that have been issued by Fertilizers Europe. It does not cover the details of national and international legislation, but an overview of relevant legislation is given in a separate section. This also contains a list of relevant web-sites.

Fertilizers Europe requires all member companies to implement the Product Stewardship Program and the best practice guidelines. The implementation is verified by regular third party audits organized by Fertilizers Europe.

Fertilizers Europe Product Stewardship Program qualifies to the most advanced level of product stewardship programs established by the global International Fertilizer Industry Association.