The transport of fertilizers and their raw materials is regulated by UN and EU legislation. In order to reduce the risk of accidents to a minimum, the transport operator should follow best industry practices. Fertilizers Europe Product Stewardship Program calls for selecting transport operators based on SHE performance and competence, adherence to best industry practices for loading/unloading operations, and attention to security issues during transport.

  • Make a SHE risk assessment of the risks during loading, unloading and transport, covering also security aspects
  • Evaluate alternative means of transport and transport routes and intermediate storage locations
  • Select the transport operator based on an assessment of the operator's SHE performance. Instruction to the transport operator should specify requirements for:

    • Transport equipment
    • Procedures and protective equipment during loading and discharging
    • Competence
    • Emergency preparedness and response
    • Security

  • Establish the role of dangerous goods safety advisor
  • Classify and label products for transport and provide Safety Data Sheets
  • Establish safe loading and transport procedures
  • Ensure that drivers and shippers are trained in handling the products and any emergency that could arise.

The above requirements relate to fertilizer products as well as to raw materials and chemicals. The following Best Practice Guidelines apply to Fertilizers Europe member companies:

Fertilizers Europe recommends the use of Safety and Quality Assessment Systems (SQAS) issued by CEFIC, suited for the evaluation of a particular transport mode or logistic operation (road, rail, intermodal, cleaning stations, marine packed cargo, bulk marine ships, bulk storage terminals and barges).