Packaging and Loading

Upon manufacturing the fertilizers are stored either in packed form (50 kg bags, big-bags) or in bulk before being transported to distributors and customers. Packaging can also occur at the distributor’s site.

  • Packaging materials must be compatible with the fertilizer for avoiding any chemical or physical reaction
  • The design and construction of the bags must be of sufficient strength (resistance when dropped from height, safe lifting, way of expected stacking, weather, temperature)
  • The packaging shall be labeled as required by legislation, depending on the classification of the product and packaging group
  • Ensure that printing on the packaging is correct with respect to

    • Product name
    • Nutrient content
    • Manufacturer identification
    • Batch identification for traceability
    • Storage recommendations
    • Legally required SHE information for transport and storage, including Safety Data Sheet and Transport Emergency Card

  • Avoid contamination of products during packaging
  • Define and inform about recycling of the packaging material
  • If packaging is done at distributor’s location, ensure that correct labeling is done.

Loading of fertilizer products, whether bagged or in bulk, on trucks, rail wagons, ships and barges shall satisfy Fertilizers Europe best practice guidelines. The same applies to input materials, intermediate products and chemicals. Reference is made to: