Marketing and Sales

The Marketing and Sales department of a company has an important role in the Product Stewardship Program. It is there where the closest contacts are with the customers. The marketing and sales people should be trained to be able to provide assistance to customers on product related issues. Essential issues are:


  • Agronomic aspects and correct application of products
  • Properties of the products, such as given in Safety Data Sheets and other SHE-related information
  • The identification of risks from the intended use and possible misuse of fertilizers
  • Correct handling and storage of fertilizers 
  • Provision of information and guidance to customers on product quality and SHE-related issues
  • Handling of spills and contaminated products
  • Handling of product complaints, product recalls, incidents and emergency calls
  • Security issues
  • Regulatory requirements. 

The marketing and sales people of Fertilizers Europe member companies shall provide SHE-information to distributors and farmers in order to prevent any adverse SHE-related incident. Depending on the target group the following SHE information can be provided:


  • Correct product application
  • Safe handling, storage and transportation
  • Safe handling and storage on the farm
  • Safe handling of spills and contaminated products
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Security aspects.

Support to customer's premises or operations can be organized to ensure:


  • Correct handling and storage of products for product quality purposes
  • Correct handling for SHE-related aspects 
  • Correct application of fertilizers
  • Correct handling of non-conforming material
  • Complaints handling and incident reporting
  • Measures of security. 

The company can offer specific training of customers on the correct use, storage and handling of products.  

Reference is made to Fertilizers Europe Best Practice Guidance documents: