Management Commitment

For the overall management of a product stewardship program at company level, each member company is expected to have:

  • A company policy statement and a program structure which reflects a high commitment to product stewardship
  • Product stewardship improvement targets and action plans for achieving the targets
  • Sufficient resource allocation for product stewardship activities
  • Clear lines of responsibilities for the various product stewardship elements, with one person nominated as the overall facilitator
  • Provision of training
  • Monitoring and evaluation of performance
  • Initiation of corrections where necessary, including holding people responsible according to their roles and responsibilities
  • Communication with and involvement of employees and the supply chain to raise the awareness of product stewardship and its importance for the fertilizer industry
  • A controlled documentation system of operational requirements for product stewardship
  • A system for handling non-conformities and complaints
  • A system for product traceability in order to trace and retrieve products in the supply chain
  • A decision-making process on product risks across the entire supply chain, with assessment of alternative raw materials and chemicals, alternative means of transport and transport routes, type of storage, etc
  • An internal audit system for checking compliance and initiation of improvements
  • Regular company management review of the progress of the product stewardship activities, with initiation of corrective actions if required.