Product Development

  • New products, whether brand new or improvements to existing products, must comply with a number of legal requirements before they can be commercialized. This relates to the composition of the product and impurities, SHE in production and storage, the health aspects of handling the product, and environmental impacts. 
  • The company shall make a Product Assessment and minimize the SHE impacts in supply and manufacturing, distribution, intermediate storage and handling from the factory to the farm, and in connection with the farmers' handling and application of the product
  • A Product Dossier shall be made
  • A Safety Data Sheet shall be made, for information to those concerned (customers, supply chain, end users, company employees)
  • Carry out a Business Impact Assessment, if considered appropriate
  • The company shall have in place a procedure for the establishment and maintenance of Product Dossiers and Safety Data Sheets, and a bookkeeping system for filing of statements and assumptions made.