Management of Contractors

Fertilizers Europe expects that the following requirements are in place in member companies for the management of contractors for on-site activities:

Qualification of contractors

  • Evaluation of contractor companies' safety system and safety performance to be part of the selection process. Upon satisfactory assessment the contractor company is to be considered pre-qualified for work, subject to periodic renewal.


  • The selected contractor company shall demonstrate that the individual contractor employee has been given appropriate training for compliance with local legislation.
  • The selected contractor company shall also demonstrate that appropriate site specific training for the hazards related to the job in question, has been reviewed and understood by its employees.

Safety passport

  • In order to be allowed to work at the site, the contractor employees shall hold a safety passport. The passport will only be issued after a safety orientation on the safety hazards, safety rules and emergency plan for the site, and after the successful completion of a relevant knowledge test organized by the site.
  • The passport is a personal certificate. It shall be carried at all times by the contractor employee when on site. The passport is valid for a limited period, e.g. 2 years, after which a new test will have to be passed and the passport renewed.
  • When issuing work permits, the validity of the passport will be checked.
  • For contractors not yet in possession of a safety passport, the site shall provide appropriate safety guidance to the contractor before work is commencing and shall provide special supervision of the work.

Contact persons

  • All contracted work shall have an assigned site employee to act as a contact person between the contractor and the site manager.
  • The contact person is responsible for checking out and documenting the following:

    • Can the order be sent to the contractor?
    • Can the contractor start work?
    • Should the contractor be selected for later works?